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RUAG Space Protects Satellite Studying the Sun

A satellite launched in early February to explore our sun had some Alabama-made tech on board its flight. RUAG Space, with a Decatur manufacturing plant,...

UAH Professor Key Investigator for Solar Exploration

Earth-shaking phenomenon flare out from the sun, and we'll know a lot know more about these spectacles following the mission of a space launch...

Bombardier Bailout Could Boost Alabama A220 Production

Canada's Bombardier is moving as fast as it can to bail out of commercial aircraft manufacturing, and that could mean an increase in production...

Airbus Chalks 50-Plane Sale to United Airlines

United Airlines has ordered 50 Airbus A321XLR aircraft, primarily for use on its transatlantic routes, the airline and Airbus announced today. Announced in June 2019,...

Airbus Tops Boeing Sales for First Time

After five decades as the best selling narrow-body commercial airliner in the world, the Boeing 737 yielded the title in October to the Airbus...

Space Entrepreneur Lands a Load of Air Force Contracts

The fourth quarter of 2019 has been good for space entrepreneur Jay Skylus, the CEO of Huntsville headquartered Aevum Inc., whose primary target is...

Spirit Airlines Signs on for 100 Airbus Neo Planes

Spirit Airlines and Airbus have signed a memorandum of understanding for the Florida-based carrier to purchase up to 100 A320 neo-family aircraft.

Boeing To Build Rocket Stages for Future Artemis Missions

Boeing has initiated a contract with NASA to produce 10 Space Launch System core stages and up to eight exploration upper stages to support...

GKN Thrives in Alabama

British-based GKN Aerospace has been growing in Alabama since 1985. Commitment to homegrown worker training supported the recent expansion at a second plant in Tallassee.

The Daily Beast: How Boeing Tried to Kill a Great Airplane—and Got Outplayed

On Oct. 8, The Daily Beast published a detailed account that says Airbus's A220 — now rolling off a new production line in Mobile...

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