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Adtran opens terafactory in Germany

Adtran, the Huntsville-based networking and communications provider, has opened a new facility in Germany

Adtran Holdings completes deal with German ADVA

Adtran's headquarters will remain in Huntsville, with European headquarters located in Munich.

Huntsville’s Adtran and Munich’s Adva announce merger in $931M deal

Huntsville’s Adtran and Munich-based Adva will merge, with the new company retaining Adtran’s name and headquarters in Alabama and Germany.

ADTRAN Teams with Cable Cooperative to Increase Broadband Access

ADTRAN has made an agreement with the National Cable Television Cooperative Inc. to help its 700 cable and broadband operators expand service access in...

Adtran Wires 12th Century Town for U.K.’s Smart Future

An ambitious new internet service provider is rolling out the first full fiber broadband network in the U.K., and it is using gigabit networking...

Adtran Leads 10G Broadband Future

Huntsville-based Adtran develops software and hardware for internet service providers, and it is in the global lead in delivering the next-generation technology to help...

Adtran Unveils a Broadband Solution

Adtran, Alabama’s largest technology company, made a splash at the Broadband World Forum in Paris in September by unveiling what it claims will be...

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