Adtran opens terafactory in Germany

Huntsville company says plant will help address supply chain security

Adtran’s new terafactory in Meiningen, Germany.

Adtran, the Huntsville-based networking and communications provider, has opened a new facility in Germany to address supply chain security.

The terafactory  – tera meaning trillion, or 1,000 times of giga – is in Meiningen, Germany.

“Our new Terafactory helps us mitigate against supply chain challenges like those we experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO of Adtran. “By enhancing the production and logistics side of our business, we’re not just reducing our dependency on third parties but also putting us in control of our own destiny. This strategic move makes us more responsive and resilient to shifting supply chain pressures.”.

Glingener said the terafactory generates much of its own power, “making day-to-day operations more energy efficient.”

“And by bringing the production of our world-leading optical transport technology back to Germany, we can more easily ensure precision and quality,” Glingener added. “What’s more, it will strengthen Europe’s position in optical transport technology, fostering regional innovation and setting new benchmarks for the industry worldwide.”

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