Meet up planned for Magic City interns

Annual event to help interns see the fun side of Birmingham kicks off tomorrow

Protective Stadium in Birmingham.

Summer interns working across the Birmingham area are invited to be part of Magic City Summer, sponsored by the Birmingham Business Alliance.

A series of free events, designed to engage interns and showcase the city, kicks off Wednesday with a gathering for a Birmingham Legion FC match at Protective Stadium. Events are planned throughout June and July, ranging from a yoga class to a young professionals happy hour gathering.

“If we want to keep emerging talent here after graduation, we need to start making meaningful connections with them today,” said Trevor Sutton, BBA’s Talent Initiatives lead. “Interns experience several challenges every year — living in a new city, missing the college environment, building new relationships, working 8+ hours a day. It’s hard to make the most of your summer if you don’t know where to begin.”

The BBA hopes to encourage interns to consider Birmingham when it’s time to pick a career site.

“We are aware of the tough challenges businesses are facing right now when it comes to recruiting and retaining great talent,” said Emily Jerkins Hall, BBA’s president and chief operating officer. “By hosting these events, we hope to help Birmingham’s business community better connect with the next generation of their workforce.”

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All Magic City Summer events are free for interns, but registration is required. Sign up through Birmingham Business Alliance to participate.

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