Renewed Momentum

Even when times are tough, Alabama’s economy is strengthened by the automotive industry in the state. Often the effects of the industry...

Bye Bye Profits, Bye Bye Boeing

Boeing, which beat out Mobile-based EADS for an enormous Air Force refueling tanker contract, had two big farewells to announce in...

Slow Trains & Wide Open Spaces

In Birmingham, a river does not run through it. There is no lake front or bay side or ocean view. No significant...

Drummond Sues Plaintiff Lawyer in Death Case

Birmingham-based Drummond Co. has filed suit against a noted labor lawyer, claiming that the attorney defamed the company by saying in legal...

Funding Education

The Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) does more than provide a forum for interaction among automotive companies in Alabama. The organization also strives...

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