Tennessee Valley

Google “Data Center + Alabama”

Google will break ground this year on a new, $600 million data center in rural Jackson County near Scottsboro on the site of...

Countdown to Launch of Medical Genomics

   Howard Jacob, left, and David Bick will lead the team of top research scientists at the HudsonAlpha Clinic for Genomic...

Some Shindig

The house is packed at the 700-seat Shoals Community Theater in Florence, and Alabama Shakes is rockin’ the place with its distinctive blues-and-soul-based...

Beginnings of the Blues

There is a special handwritten note exhibited at the W.C. Handy Home and Museum in Florence. It sits amidst the sheet music and instruments...

Spaceship Landing Zone

For decades, space vehicles have been designed and built in Alabama, but launched and landed elsewhere, usually in Florida or California....

Rocket Baby

Deborah Barnhart is a self-described “rocket baby, ” a child who grew up in Huntsville during the booming years when the von Braun team...

A Prodigy’s School for Entrepreneurs

Brandon Kruse is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who’s already made millions. So, what drives him now? He loves fast cars, but what...

Growing Urban Huntsville

Charlie Sealy III, who has led the charge to bring more residents to downtown Huntsville with recent loft developments, was raised in...

Small Business Watchdog Sues Top Brass

In April, the American Small Business League filed suit against the U.S. Department of Defense in federal court in California after the agency...

Space Center’s New Captain’s New Tack

Deborah Barnhart became the CEO and executive director of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in December 2010. The Center is the official...

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Market Volatility: Weighing the Wide Swings

Why what happened in 2018 is not out of the ordinary. Why not to overreact.

Spotlight on Montgomery County

Montgomery County, in central Alabama, is part of the state’s River Region and is home to the state’s capital city, Montgomery.

Airbus Breaks Ground on New Assembly Line in Mobile

When the new Airbus A220 line gears up, Mobile will be the fourth largest producer of commercial aircraft in the world.

Birmingham Scrutinizes its Workforce

Birmingham put the numbers to its job market and found a lot of work to be done. For one, its IT segment grew 77 percent in five years, creating a job gap that will grow over the next decade.

Winning the Plant, Finding the Workforce

Alabama auto industry ramps up workforce development efforts in advance of the new Mazda Toyota plant.