Banking & Finance

Surviving the Busy Season

Each year, from early January until April 15, CPAs and their staffs work feverishly to complete client tax returns and meet...

Think Local, Stay Solvent

Bigger is not always better when it comes to surviving in today’s ever-struggling economy.  Banks with assets of $1 billion or greater are...

LOL Jennifer's $41 Trillion Inheritance

Recently, my parents had their air conditioner repaired by the same man who has been servicing their home for as long as...

Top White Collar Cop Inspects Dodd-Frank

We talked recently with the state’s top securities regulator about the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act, designed—with many policy details still to be...

Hanging Tough in a Fearful Market

Individuals who weathered the economic storm with their 401k plans have recovered most of their value, Alabama experts say, while new...

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