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Homeschooling Enterprises are Growing in Alabama

Businesses serving homeschool families — in the home, online and in the field — are flowering outside the traditional walls of compulsory schooling.

The Weld That Came in from the Cold War to Change Technology

In a closed, secret city, the Cold War prepared to heat up as Russian scientists quietly developed powerful technology intended to defeat their number...

One Very Good Fish Dealer

Ralph Atkins Jr. counts his very existence on the esteem America once held for fishermen. The military decided his father should fight World War...

Riding Herd on the Senate

Breaking up a fight was not in the job description, but Secretary of the Senate Patrick Harris takes seriously his role as the enforcer...

Wind Farm Turbulence Statewide

The winds of change are blowing across Alabama as renewable energy projects are proposed in Cherokee, Etowah and Baldwin counties. St. Clair and Cleburne...

The Looming Correction Blues

With bonds and cash barely showing a pulse when it comes to interest rates, investors may be timidly strolling back down Wall Street, trying...

Caldwell and More Top Gene Scientists in Alabama

Ever since the human genome was unraveled in 2001, genetic science has exploded into a race to find new products and services. In Alabama, researchers...

Miller Claims Protecting the Turtles Was One of the Toughest Laws

Asia has eaten through its own turtle population and is turning knife and fork to Alabama streams. With more than two million wild-caught American...

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