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Spotlight on Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia & Monroe: Economic Engines

Wood products, automotive suppliers, technology companies, agricultural products and more call these five counties home.

Spotlight: Fayette, Lamar & Marion Counties

Marion, Fayette and Lamar counties are home to healthy downtown districts, amenities for residents and visitors and a variety of manufacturing employers.

Spotlight on Fayette, Lamar & Marion: Culture & Recreation

From outdoor wilderness to festivals to historical museums, these three counties have an array of activities to enjoy.

Spotlight on Fayette, Lamar & Marion: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities of Fayette, Lamar and Marion counties, including Kelli Colbaugh Foster.

Spotlight on Fayette, Lamar & Marion: Community Development

Downtown improvements abound in Hamilton, Winfield, Millport, Vernon and Fayette.

Spotlight on Fayette, Lamar & Marion: Higher Education

Bevill State Community College provides academic and workforce training programs, including automotive service technology.

Spotlight on Fayette, Lamar & Marion: Health Care

These three counties are served by three medical centers, with ties to larger health systems.

Spotlight on Fayette, Lamar & Marion Counties: Economic Engines

Diverse manufacturing, coupled with high-speed fiber optic internet and higher education facilities, make these counties attractive to business.

Spotlight: Autauga & Elmore Counties

Autauga and Elmore counties, just north of the state capitol, offer an array of job opportunities, amenities and tourism options.

Spotlight on Autauga & Elmore: Culture & Recreation

From agricultural arenas and artesian wells in Prattville to the impact crater in Wetumpka, this area has something for everyone to enjoy.

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