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Spotlight on Chilton County: Economic Engines

Chilton County has industries ranging from automotive and metals suppliers to wood products. Also, improvements are underway at the airport.

Spotlight: Calhoun and Talladega counties

Located in northeast Alabama, Calhoun and Talladega counties have plenty of natural resources, robust tourism and diverse manufacturing.

Spotlight on Calhoun & Talladega: Culture & Recreation

These counties feature biking, hiking and birding trails; a national forest; several parks and museums; festivals and a NASCAR superspeedway.

Spotlight on Calhoun & Talladega: Higher Education

These four institutions of higher learning provide students with credentialing classes to doctoral degrees.

Spotlight on Calhoun & Talladega: Community Development

Calhoun and Talladega counties are improving parks, trails and other attractions for visitors and residents alike, including the Talladega Walk of Fame.

Spotlight on Calhoun & Talladega: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities of Calhoun and Talladega counties, including Seddrick Hill Sr., city manager for Talladega.

Spotlight on Calhoun & Talladega: Health Care

These two counties have four hospitals serving their communities, including two campuses of the Regional Medical Center Health System.

Spotlight on Calhoun & Talladega: Economic Engines

From automobiles to marble, Calhoun and Talladega counties have an abundant array of industries, including working on tanks in Anniston.

Spotlight: Greene, Hale, Marengo & Sumter counties

Located in west Alabama, Marengo, Hale, Greene and Sumter counties form a sportsman's paradise.

Spotlight on Greene, Hale, Marengo & Sumter: Culture & Recreation

These counties feature antiques, nature tours, an archeological park, lakes, historic districts and more.

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