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Laptops, the New Sandwich Boards

The advertising trend of vehicle wrapping is so yesterday. Today it’s wrapping ads on the back of students’ laptops.  Former Auburn University student...

Institution Cultivator

From ag to academia — Jay Gogue bookends his career at Auburn.

School Teacher Becomes Aqua-entrepreneur

Soft-shell crab fans are fanatically devoted to these newly molted crustaceans with their edible shells. As one devotee described the first bite, “One...

Maestro Healer

Birmingham ophthalmologist Andrew Mays briskly walks into the examination room beaming. This is no perfunctory encounter. He appears genuinely happy to greet this patient...

Auburn at Epicenter of Next Industrial Revolution

3D printing — the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file — has moved far beyond the sci-fi and hobbyist markets...

Health – Transforming Good Workers into Great Leaders

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi declared that leaders are made, not born — and it’s every bit as true in business as on the...

Jack Hawkins – Bridge Builder for International Studies

Jack Hawkins, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, barely survived his combat experience. But today, as chancellor of Troy University, he is working to use...

Royal Cup Coffee – Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Be it at The Ritz-Carlton or the Waffle House, any time you’re served coffee there’s a good chance it is Royal Cup, one of...

RFID – Auburn Leads in Radio Frequency ID

General Motors once used the tag line, “It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile.” Today, it’s no longer your father’s retail world. Welcome to radio frequency identification...

Chicken a la Cubana

Americans love chicken — no surprise here — especially white meat, consuming an average of more than 80 pounds per person per year. Many...

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