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Accounting for Tax Overhaul

Major changes in corporate taxes are rocking around Congress, even though Congress seems predictably immovable. Alabama experts from two leading accounting firms assess the potential impacts.

Leather Goods Home Grown, Hand Made

Michael Stricklin ​ Opelika during the 19th century was on a major rail line for bales of cotton to be shipped...

Graduating Businesses

Once upon a time, young entrepreneurs — like any other college students — sat through four years of classes, then donned a...

A Growing Roar

ABOVE Chicken Salad Chick founder Stacy Brown with Harbert College Dean Bill Hardgrave and entrepreneur Kevin Harrington (right).   The U.S....

Esprit de Corps

President Barack Obama in 2009 beseeched citizens to make volunteerism part of their daily lives, which led to programs that promote volunteering nationwide....

Students’ Life-Enhancing Application of 3-D

Back in the 1970s two science fiction TV shows were all the rage — “The Six Million Dollar Man, ” featuring an injured test...

Stunning Stunts of a Motorcycle Museum

Maybe it’s the Harley-riding freedom on the open road, or channeling Marlon Brando and his gang of biker misfits in “The Wild One.”...

Renewable Energy Waste Conversion

Recycling human waste into fertilizer may seem like an indelicate topic for polite society, but it’s an important one nonetheless. Like most...

Strategies for Long-Term Health Care

Benjamin Franklin said nothing is certain except death and taxes. The extended epigram almost could have been: Nothing is certain except death, taxes...

Entrepreneurs Swarm in Auburn in April

When outsiders think of Auburn University, football likely comes to mind. But for one day this month the university will be the place...

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