UAB Expands Tele-ICU Care in Region

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is partnering with Advanced ICU Care to expand ICU telehealth initiatives across the UAB Health System.

The partnership includes the development of a tele-ICU operations center in Birmingham. The effort brings together UAB Medicine’s clinical expertise with Advanced ICU Care’s workflow management software.

“Advanced ICU Care’s clinical and operational expertise and proprietary HUB workflow management software are assets that are well aligned with UAB’s vision for our tele-ICU programs,” said Reid Jones, CEO of UAB Medicine. “Telehealth and tele-ICU have become increasingly important vehicles for health care delivery, and we look forward to leveraging Advanced ICU Care’s assets to deliver high-acuity telemedicine to patients across Alabama and beyond.”

The hope is the new operations center will serve up to 750 ICU beds in Alabama and the region.

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“The size and scope of this unique tele-ICU services partnership is indicative of the forward-looking, innovation-oriented cultures of both organizations,” said Lou Silverman, CEO of Advanced ICU Care. “As a technology-enabled health care services organization, we have successfully implemented and managed more tele-ICU programs than any other provider in the nation. We see this partnership as an endorsement of the successes we have achieved to date and as a validation of our vision for the future of telemedicine. We look forward to collaborating closely with the UAB Medicine team in this inspired project.”

For further information on telemedicine, see this story that ran in the September issue of Business Alabama.

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