Top Headlines: Chicken exports returning to normal, Alabama airports prepare for COVID-19

U.S. chicken exports to China are returning to normal
Consumers in the People’s Republic of China will be relieved by the lifting of the ban on United States chicken imports amidst the widespread coronavirus, African swine fever and a recent avian flu outbreak at a chicken farm in Hunan province of the PRC. Chicken meat exporting from the U.S. Southeast poultry production areas will meet strict procedures by MTC Logistics, based in Baltimore, Maryland, from its new Mobile facility later this year. – AJOT

Alabama airports work to stay ahead of COVID-19 outbreak
Alabama airports are scrubbing and sanitizing to stay ahead of an outbreak in the state. According to the International Air Transport Association, global airlines stand to lose 113 billion dollars in sales if COVID-19 continues to spread. Airport officials in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile claim there has been little impact to their business since the COVID-19 virus made its way into the US over a week ago. – WHNT

Lawmaker eager to bargain away state’s gambling rights
Despite Gov. Kay Ivey’s call for the Legislature to give her gaming study group time to bring her fact-based recommendations, Sen. Greg Albritton, R-Range, last week introduced a bill that would provide the Poarch Band of Creek Indians a monopoly, eliminates all competition and bind the state to a compact while adding comparatively little to the state’s bottom line. – AL Political Reporter

A look at the ships Airbus uses to move its aircraft parts
The ships that Airbus uses aren’t exactly what you’d imagine when mentioning the phrase ‘aircraft carrier’. However – that’s exactly what the company’s ships do in order to move components to where they need to be. Airbus and its production facilities around the world utilize several vessels to move components between the sites at Broughton, Hamburg, Mobile, Tianjin, and Toulouse. – Simple Flying

Lawmakers ponder taking yoga off forbidden list in schools
Alabama lawmakers might lift a decades-old ban on yoga in public schools, but the bill would keep the greeting “namaste” on the forbidden list. The bill by Rep. Jeremy Gray, a Democratic legislator from Opelika, is on the proposed debate agenda Tuesday in the Alabama House of Representatives. – AP

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After many decades, the Toyota Camry is finally cool
For years, the Toyota Camry was plain vanilla, at best. It did its job as a mid-size family sedan superbly and Americans responded in droves. The Camry has been one of America’s best-selling vehicles for years and the latest generation model aims to continue that tradition. But the 2020 Toyota Camry is no longer vanilla, but rather, in TRD trim, a hot chocolate sundae with a cherry on top. It has attitude and sales appeal. A lot of it. Cars Direct has learned that demand for the 2020 Camry TRD is so strong right now that finding one at a dealership can be very difficult, depending on the region. – CarBuzz

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