Take the November 2021 AlaBiz Quiz

Challenge yourself with these Alabama business-related puzzlers from the past.

What Birmingham startup are these three men behind?

AlaBiz Quiz - November 2021

1) NOVEMBER 2021: Alabama is home to two new passenger vehicles this fall. Which two?(Required)
2) OCTOBER 2021 (one month ago): A Birmingham startup specializes in helping people make conncetioncs and exhcange basic data. What is it called?(Required)
3) NOVEMBER 2020 (one year ago): Many university researchers perform their studies in the field. Where does UAB professor Charles Amsler study plants and animals?(Required)
4) NOVEMBER 2016 (five years ago): Huntsville firm Advanced Optical Systems Inc. introduced a new technology to speed up a common ID bottleneck. What was it?(Required)
5) NOVEMBER 2011 (10 years ago): The Army's first female four-star general took the helm of the U.S. Army Materiel Command in Huntsville. What's her name?(Required)
6) NOVEMBER 1996 25 years ago): In November 1996, First Alabama Bank brought its 183 branches into another Alabama bank, giving the combined bank a total of 350 branches. What is the bank's name today?(Required)


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