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Where did Nick Saban coach before heading to college football and, eventually, the University of Alabama?

AlaBiz Quiz - March 2024

1) MARCH 2024: Every March we present an update on our state’s auto industry. Which of these is not an accurate picture of this burgeoning industrial sector?(Required)
2) FEBRUARY 2024 (one month ago): We noted Nick Saban’s retirement as University of Alabama football coach. Earlier he coached at LSU and at an NFL team. Which team?(Required)
3) MARCH 2023 (one year ago): One of Alabama’s biggest cities set a record for capital investment from businesses, totaling $1.7 billion and led by a new beverage park estimated at $600 million. Which city?(Required)
4) MARCH 2019 (five years ago): As business and government leaders signed the beam that would top the second Airbus final assembly line, Mobile looked forward to being the fourth-largest aircraft producing city in the world. Which cities top the list?(Required)
5) MARCH 2014 (10 years ago): The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks Alabama third in the South Atlantic and East South Central region, after West Virginia and Kentucky, for what metric? Hint: It’s 11.7%.(Required)
6) MARCH 1999 (25 years ago): Morgan County was in the spotlight. It had topped the state for industrial investment in 1997, winning a $450 million project for Decatur that had been sought by cities across the nation. Which project? Hint: it’s still there but with a different name after opting into a joint venture.(Required)
This quiz appeared in the February 2024 issue of Business Alabama.

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