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Cornelius Joe tends to the mustard greens in his family’s vegetable garden. Photo by Art Meripol.

AlaBiz Quiz - March 2022

1) MARCH 2022: Many of Alabama's automakers, to keep production on pace, are being forced to find creative workarounds due to a shortage of what?(Required)
2) FEBRUARY 2022 (one month ago): Seeking to diversify, Hale County farmer Christopher Joe has opened his farm to what?(Required)
3) MARCH 2021 (one year ago): A Fayette company called Showa doubled production of its key product, not made anywhere else in the U.S. What does Showa make?(Required)
4) MARCH 2017 (five years ago): A banking feature introduced four Alabama banks with major growth in market share. Which one had grown the most in the preceding five years?(Required)
5) MARCH 2012 (10 years ago): The massive, freshly-opened ThyssenKrupp dual steel plant north of Mobile was in search of new owners. First to sell was the stainless-steel mill. Who bought it?(Required)
6) MARCH 1997 (25 years ago): Business Alabama looked at the top 10 attractions in the state's $4 billion tourism industry. These are the top four, based on 1995 numbers, the most recent available at the time. Which ranked first?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the March 2022 issue of Business Alabama.

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