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Challenge yourself with these Alabama business-related puzzlers from the past.

Greg Canfield is secretary of the Department of Commerce, but when he was hired, that department was known as what? (Photo by Julie Bennett)

AlaBiz Quiz - December 2021

1) DECEMBER 2021: What was the name of Alabama's economic development agency before it became the Department of Commerce?(Required)
2) NOVEMBER 2021 (one month ago): Highlands College, a young institution in Birmingham, received its biggest gift ever from a businessman with few ties to the college. Who was it?(Required)
3) DECEMBER 2020 (one year ago): Even during the 2020 pandemic year, Alabama celebrated several major new business ventures. What was the biggest?(Required)
4) DECEMBER 2016 (five years ago): Plans were announced for a new amusement park at the Gulf, named for the "big water." Who owns this project that is thriving today?(Required)
5) DECEMBER 2011 (10 years ago): As a major Alabama industrial group celebrated its first 10 years, retiring executive director Benard Schroer reflected on its origins and the key roles played by Alabama Technology Network and Mercedes-Benz. What group was it?(Required)
6) DECEMBER 1996 (25 years ago): One of the many chemical plants in south Alabama was honored as the first in the nation to voluntarily meet the environmental standards set by the International Standards Organization. Which was it?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the December 2021 issue of Business Alabama.

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