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Historic Alabama: Tubes and testing…

Wilson Dam, in North Alabama, predates the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Report: UAB had $12.1 billion economic impact in 2022

The University of Alabama at Birmingham had a $12 .1 billion economic impact on Alabama in 2022, a 41% increase from $7.15 billion in 2016 and a 163% increase from $7.15 billion in 2008.

Podcast: Josh Carpenter on Southern Research, its mission and how it’s changing the face...

Josh Carpenter has been president and CEO of Southern Research since 2021.

Southern Research completes sale of Maryland facility

Southern Research has completed the sale of its Maryland facility to Tonix Pharmaceuticals.

Southern Research gets grant to continue studying Parkinson’s

A neuroscience laboratory at Birmingham-based Southern Research has received two federal grants of almost $3.9 million to advance the research of Parkinson’s Disease and...

Birmingham’s Southern Research under new leadership

Josh Carpenter, PhD, has been appointed president and CEO and Allen Bolton executive vice president for strategy and finance at Birmingham-based Southern Research. The scientific...

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