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Port Sets Record for Met Coal Export Shipment

Bulk carrier NSU Welfare in early October loaded 146,479 short tons, equal to 132,883.5 metric tons, of Alabama metallurgical coal bound for Asia, where...

Port of Mobile Sets Coal Record; Ties Size Record

The NSU Voyager, a Newcastle Max bulk carrier, loaded 135,484 short tons — nearly 123,000 metric tons) of Alabama metallurgical coal this week, setting...

$365.7 Million Modernization Will Transform Port of Mobile

The $365.7 million port modernization project just launched promises to expand the Port of Mobile as a globally competitive trade center. The State of Alabama...

Benchmark Developments at the Port

Steel is rising at one edge of the Port of Mobile, while it’s coming down in just as orderly a manner at another edge. On...

Port of Mobile Completes Container Terminal Expansion

The Port of Mobile completed the third phase of its container terminal expansion March 20, adding 400 feet to the container dock, and just...

Port, APM Terminals Honored for Productivity Achievements

The Alabama State Port Authority and its partner, APM Terminals, won honors this month from the Journal of Commerce for performance improvements. The Port...

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