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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will open first Alabama location in Birmingham

Alabama Drafthouse Cinema, the Texas-based chain featuring movies, food, drinks and retail, will open its first Alabama location at the Powell Steam Plant development.
Equipment at construction site

Construction begins on final phase of pedestrian alley in Birmingham

Construction has begun on the final phase of The Aisle, Urban Supply’s pedestrian alley in Birmingham.

Eterna Pizzeria and Caffe coming to Birmingham

Eterna Pizzeria and Caffe has signed a lease for space in Printers Corner in the Parkside District of Birmingham. The lease, signed through Orchestra Partners,...

Redevelopment of Parkside Underway

Orchestra Partners has broken ground on Urban Supply, a mixed-use redevelopment of historic buildings at the west end of Birmingham’s Parkside district. The first...

The Abnormal, the Social House and the All So Human

Just as the virus crisis "new normal" is Orwellian new speak for "abnormal," social distancing has been a 180-degree tongue swallowing for modern urban...

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