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Chicken a la Cubana

Americans love chicken — no surprise here — especially white meat, consuming an average of more than 80 pounds per person per year. Many...

Southerners Hate Most Business Phone Service

In the South, we like our tea sweet and the person on the other end of a business call polite. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always...

Logistics Company Fortifies Mobile Hub

How does a ground freight logistics company without any actual trucks do business, you ask? Simple, says its president. Use other people’s. Total Quality Logistics...

Auburn Alumni Seed the U.S. with Fast Growing Companies

For the first time in its storied history, Auburn University dedicated a day recently to honoring a new kind of tiger — the sort that slices through business challenges and swallows the competition.

Matthew Coughlin – Business Alabama Photographer Lands National Prize

Photographer Matthew Coughlin, a frequent contributor to Business Alabama, has earned a coveted national prize from Communication Arts. His photo of Matt Randall holding...

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