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Spotlight on Montgomery County

Montgomery County, the home of Alabama’s state capitol in central Alabama and part of the state’s River Region, also is known...

Backing Alabama-China Connections

“We love you George, ” the Chinese visitor said to his American host, hugging his neck before boarding a plane for home....

First Avenue Banker Breakout

Steve Reider and Kimberly Clay know a thing or two about planning and marketing bank branches. Before opening their firm, Bancography,...

Healthy Choices Equal Lower Health Care Costs

Far-sighted Alabama businesses and associations are instituting and expanding workplace wellness programs. Their leaders realize that well-run programs more than pay for themselves...

Accounting for Health Care Reform

One thing you can count on after the 2012 presidential election is that health care reform, passed in 2010 — the Affordable...

On the Lookout

AIRBUS How many suppliers can dance on the runways of Brookley Aeroplex? How will shake-ups in the parent company EADS affect Alabama plans? THYSSENKRUPP...

The Year That Was 2012

January 2012 Forecasts in Hindsight Last January, Business Alabama asked a dozen...

Who We Are

Click here to download a printable PDF of the demographic breakdown.  Megan Boyle

From the Farmhouse to the Statehouse: Gov. Robert Bentley

Gov. Robert Bentley, 69, dressed in a crisp, white shirt and a tie, warmly ushers guests into his office...

Alabama Image Enhancers

INTERNET CREDS Internet guru Jimmy Wales spins to any who’ll listen the assets of being born and raised in Alabama. “There’s a very...

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