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Old Fashioned B2B Relationship Vital for Alabama Farm and Bank

With BankFirst having a personal relationship with your bank is never "old fashioned."

China Trade War, Draught Clip Cotton

The China trade war and draught will hit U.S. cotton growers hard again in 2020, including Alabama, the ninth largest producing state, where cotton...

How it Works: Local Food Farming

An insurance executive transforms himself into a small farmer —a locally sourced food entrepreneur.

Fed Relief for AL Farms Hit by Disasters

Alabama farmers who have been impacted by natural disasters in 2018 and 2019 can now apply for federal assistance.

Family Farm Relief Bill Proposed by Jones, Grassley Signed into Law

Bipartisan legislation to help family farmers avoid bankruptcy has been signed into law by President Donald Trump.

Branding the Locally Grown Movement in Alabama

Looking for locally grown food? Now you can look for the Sweet Grown Alabama logo and know that the product is grown by an...

Should Irrigation-Fed Farming Increase in the Deep South?

Only about 4 percent of farmland is irrigated in Alabama, but the state is also the fourth wettest in the nation.

Calling All Alabama Local Food Growers

Approximately 200 farmers, gardeners, community leaders, young people and other advocates for local and sustainable food will convene in Fairhope this December for the Food & Farm Forum.

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