SWJ Technology Moves into New Headquarters

SWJ Technology has moved into its new headquarters on a three-acre site near the Alberta School of Performing Arts and the Gateway digital library in Tuscaloosa.

SWJ’s new headquarters has its own engineering workshop, operated by the subsidiary NGE Equipment, which will offer manufacturers solutions such as advanced measurement and prototyping services, assembly of innovative specialty tools, equipment and handhelds.

SWJ Technology is a subsidiary of SWJ Group, a global engineering and consulting company that provides engineering, planning and project management services to all German automotive manufacturers and many of their suppliers.

“We like to sincerely thank the City of Tuscaloosa, Mayor Walt Maddox and City Councilman Kip Tyner for their support and vision to make this first Technology Center of a German Engineering Company possible. In return, we have built a larger facility than initially planned, spent more money to make this Tech Center exceptional and believe that we will surpass our own expectations for growth and new services,” said Wolfgang Kneer, president and CEO of SWJ Technology. “I am certain that this will be a milestone for Alberta’s appeal to stimulate more investment, attract more businesses and provide more jobs for the local community and we feel honored to be part of it.”

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SWJ hopes to increase its footprint in innovative cloud-based online engineering systems, while also providing internships and apprenticeship programs to students and young professionals.

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