Straight Talk Tops Email Down South

The Digital Revolution steams on, leaving entire industries awash in its wake, but there are some stubborn corners of the kingdom left unconquered. New research reveals that more than half of consumers in the South prefer to receive information by phone rather than online.

The study of 2, 234 U.S. respondents, conducted by audio branding specialist PH Media Group, found 51 percent of people in the region prefer the phone when searching for basic information on a company, such as hours or details on products and services. This despite the fact that Americans spend an average of 11 hours each day using electronic media.

As you might expect, age plays a factor. Across the U.S., 57 percent of people ages of 55 to 64 and 53 percent of 45 to 54-year-olds prefer calling over using the Internet, compared to less than half of those between the ages of 35 to 44 (49 percent), 25 to 35 (45 percent) and 18 to 24-year-olds (42 percent).    

“Although we have entered a digital age, the results of this study suggest people still prefer the reassurance of being able to pick up the phone to receive a direct answer to queries they have about a particular business, ” says Mark Williamson, marketing director for PH Media Group.

The take-away, Williamson says, is to train employees not to neglect traditional methods of communication. “At a basic level this means ensuring staff are properly trained on how to answer calls but it also means carefully controlling all voice and music customers hear while on the phone. It is important to ensure all audio is brand congruent, reinforcing desired company values.”

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Text by Dave Helms

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