Shuttles on the Auction Block

There are quite a few miles logged on this headline making craft, but theoretically it’s for sale as NASA seeks to unload out-of-date property to make way for its newer projects.

The Shuttle Discovery is headed for the Smithsonian, but sister craft Endeavor and Atlantis are still up for sale.

And it’s a bargain.

Wired magazine reports: “The $28.8 million price tag is more than 30 percent off the original sticker price of $42 million NASA was asking in December of 2008. The space agency says it dropped the price because much of the original cost included work that is needed to decommission the shuttles even if they were only to be stored in a hangar.”

Of if your budget doesn’t extend to used spacecraft, you can consider lower ticket items like a space suit, a parachute-packing plant, or countless other memorabilia.

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And just in case you’re interested in that shuttle, there are a 15, 000-foot runway and a launchpad available to go with it.

Nedra Bloom

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