Samford University tops in country for student engagement

Wall Street Journal listing also ranks Auburn high in same category.

Group of Samford University students
Some of Samford University’s students

Samford University’s students are the most engaged in the country, according to 2022 rankings by The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education.

The only other top-100 finish by an Alabama school in the survey was Auburn University, which ranked 49th in student engagement.

Samford, which is in Birmingham, ranked 184th in the country overall, with Auburn ranking 284th and the University of Alabama at Birmingham ranking 306th.

“Being ranked first in the nation for student engagement by The Wall Street Journal is an honor for Samford. Our faculty and staff work tirelessly and have remained resilient, especially during these unprecedented times, to create engaging learning opportunities for students so they will be informed, inspired and challenged,” said Samford President Beck Taylor. “Although national rankings are just one measure of success, the recognition provides affirmation for our students, employees and alumni. Today, and every day, we celebrate our students as they advance their educational and professional goals and pursue their personal growth in service and faith.”

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