Julius Uhlmann is CEO of Micor.

Julius Uhlmann started his own company in Huntsville in 1978, but after selling it he worked for public and private companies, including 25 years of commuting to California and throughout the world.

Now, though, that commute is over. Two years ago, Micor Industries, based in Decatur, hired him as CEO.

“It was a perfect chance for me to come home and finish out my career at my favorite place, Madison County, Alabama, and stay home a little bit, not travel every week,” he says. “We started this journey in 2019 and we’re still moving it forward today.”

Micor’s mission has changed over its 20-year history, eventually getting out of the oil and gas industries, which marked its early years, and becoming an advanced manufacturer and precision machining company serving the aerospace and defense industries.

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