Devin Ford, founder of Focus Women’s Conference.

Devin Ford grew up in Green Bay, Alabama, but it was moving to Southern California that gave her the idea for Focus Women’s Conference, which takes place March 28 at the Mobile Convention Center.

The conference started in 2021, borne out of a similar conference Ford attended in West Hollywood, California, where she was living before coming back to Alabama in 2012.

Now, her Focus Women’s Conference, featuring speakers on personal, community and professional development, has expanded to teen conferences and an annual Forty Over Forty list.

“Our mission is to encourage, educate and empower,” Ford says. “We focus on putting more money and community influence in the hands of women because we want them to be able to radically change their lives and improve the lives of women in their community.”

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In this week’s episode, Ford talks about starting the conference, how it has affected attendees and, yes, that men are welcome to attend, too.

For more information on the conference, go here.

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