Pipe manufacturer plans $9 million investment into Selma production facility

Colclasher Enterprises estimates 21 jobs at Craig Industrial Park plant

Corrugated plastic pipe, shown in this stock photo, is among the products produced by Colclasher Enterprises.

Colclasher Enterprises, a plastic pipe manufacturer, plans to spend $9 million to retrofit an existing building for a production facility at Selma’s Craig Industrial Park.

The company plans to create 21 jobs at the plant, which will be a three-line plant, with the first two lines opening in 2024.

“We believe this project aligns with the long-term goals and vision of both our company, the Selma & Dallas County community and the state of Alabama,” said Lyle Bollin, vice president of business development for Colclasher Enterprises. “The project includes numerous benefits such as job creation, economic gain and a commitment to community development.”

Colclasher Enterprises produces drainage solutions for agriculture, stormwater and residential applications. The company produces corrugated plastic pipes, farm drainage tile, fittings, stormwater detention and infiltration systems, chambers, inlet structures and water quality treatment options.

With facilities in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Alabama, the company supplies customers across the Midwest and Southern U.S., according to the Selma & Dallas County EDA.

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