New training system brings simulated factory operation to CACC

The SMC HAS-200 trainer will help workforce training for a high level of automation

The new SMC HAS-200 trainer at Central Alabama Community College’s Prattville campus.

A new piece of equipment at Central Alabama Community College will simulate real factory operation for students training for high-level jobs.

An SMC HAS-200 trainer was recently installed at the Prattville campus. It’s a system that is based on the training requirements in industries with a high level of automation, according to the school.

“We have the advanced manufacturing training equipment needed to train and educate our students for today’s manufacturing needs,” said Jeff Lynn, president of CACC. “We are very excited about the opportunities this training system will provide for our students.”

The new machine is just the latest addition to the Prattville campus, Lynn said.

“We continue to grow and expand our offerings at our new Prattville campus,” he said. “Workforce development is crucial to the growth of our state and we must continue to meet the needs and demands of our workforce partners. This is a major enhancement for our Prattville campus, and we are just getting started.”

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The SMC HAS 200 can work in stand-alone mode or integrated mode, with stations that have a built-in conveyor belt, which allows different types of configurations. There’s also a barcode reader to identify and track products through the process.

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