New Light Technologies supports Center for Domestic Preparedness

Anniston firm will enhance training and exercises for national first-responder training facility

New Light Technologies uses geospatial analytics and visualization to help train responders.
New Light Technologies uses geospatial analytics and visualization to help train responders.

Anniston-based New Light Technologies has been awarded a five-year contract to use its mapping, geo-spatial and analytical capabilities to enhance delivery of training materials and exercises for the Center for Domestic Preparedness.

Operated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the CDP in Anniston trains first responders, emergency management personnel and health care workers to deal with a wide array of hazards both natural and man-made, including chemical, biological, explosive and radiological materials. The training is available to federal, state, local, tribal and other government entities. Private companies may also participate in training on a fee basis.

New Light Technologies’ task will be to develop cloud-based mapping and visualization tools suitable for multi-user exercises and simulations.

“Modern web, geospatial and data visualization software enables us to see the world and phenomena in three dimensions and in real-time. By integrating these capabilities, the CDP will be able to develop more realistic exercises and provide responders a range of new tools to understand dynamic threats as they unfold over time and space,” says NLT Program Manager Rob Pitts.

The firm has been in operation for more than 20 years, and describes its services as providing “expertise in cloud, agile software development, cybersecurity, data science, geospatial and remote sensing, NLT provides comprehensive consulting, research, digital transformation services, and fit-for-purpose analytics solutions for a range of industries from emergency management to economics to health.”

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