Montgomery mayor on national list of 10 Mayors to Watch

Route Fifty includes Steven L. Reed on its listing.

Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed
Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed.

Montgomery Mayor Steven L. Reed has been named on the Top 10 Mayors to Watch by Route Fifty.

The state and local government website created the list to recognize mayors who have innovatively tackled pressing problems or how their work reflects interesting trends. Specifically, the publication mentioned Reed’s $50 million community investment initiative, adoption of the city’s first comprehensive plan in more than 50 years and focus on improvements in education.

“Reed has made clear that he views Montgomery as a burgeoning leader in the ‘New South’ and — in line with his business-oriented past — seems to be eyeing strategic investments to make the city more competitive among its peers,” Route Fifty said of the mayor.

Reed was elected mayor in 2019 and became the first Black mayor of Montgomery.

“It is an honor to be listed among my respected colleagues and peers, but it is a team effort,” Reed said. “My administration will continue implementing policies and fostering new opportunities that result in a more efficient and equitable approach to city government. In doing so, we can move Montgomery toward its full, untapped potential. We’re excited about what’s next.”

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