Video: Mazda Toyota begins production of CX-50

The Mazda vehicle will begin shipping to dealers in the spring

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing celebrated the first all-new Mazda CX-50 coming off the line at the Huntsville automobile manufacturing plant.

MTM is a partnership between Mazda and Toyota, where the plant will produce approximately 150,000 units of each vehicle. Toyota announced last year the production start of the Corolla Cross.

A Mazda CX-50 rolls down the production line.

The Mazda CX-50 is designed for the North American market, aimed at customers who live an active and outdoor lifestyle.

“Every CX-50 will be assembled right here, in North Alabama by our MTM team members,” said Mark Brazeal, vice president of administration for MTM.

The $2.3 billion MTM facility will eventually employ up to 4,000 team members. Currently, the staff is still hiring — looking for an additional 1,200 workers.

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A team member works on the frame of the Mazda CX-50.

“Our team members have knocked this out of the park,” said Janette Hostettler, vice president of production. “They are working at the only automotive plant in the world that builds two brand new vehicles on two separate lines.”

The Mazda CX-50 will be available in dealerships in the spring.

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