Law Software Entrepreneur Raises $1.5 Million

Lauren Sturdivant

Former practicing attorney turned entrepreneur Lauren Sturdivant recently raised $1.5 million in Series Seed II investment funding for the Birmingham company she founded in 2017, Case Status, which sells software to law firms that enables clients to keep track of their cases.

Funding came from BIP Capital, one of the most active venture investors in the Southeast, whose specialties include healthcare IT, digital media and enterprise software as a service, such as Case Status.

“It’s fascinating that in a world where you can track everything — from Amazon packages to the status of your pizza order — there was no way for clients to track the status of their case, one of the most important things going in their lives,” says Sturdivant, lawyer, co-founder and CEO of Case Status.

While practicing law, Sturdivant says she observed challenges of trying to keep all of her clients updated. Looking for an available solution but was unable to find one, she decided to leave her law firm and build a client relationship management solution for the legal industry.

“Lack of communication is the number one complaint to every state bar association in the country,” says Sturdivant. “Lawyers struggle with heavy workloads and often do not have the time to constantly update their clients. Yet at the same time, clients are scared and don’t understand the process. They just want to know what’s going on and need to feel that their lawyer cares and is working on their case. Case Status delivers a way to provide such communications more efficiently.”

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Case Status software solution includes the delivery of case updates, automated touches and scheduled messages.

“We’re excited to partner with Case Status to resolve a common but critical pain point between lawyers and their clients — a dearth in regular communications,” says Dan Drechsel, senior vice president at BIP Capital. “We look forward to working with Lauren and the Case Status leadership team to continue the company’s momentum in this untapped area.”

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