Blood Donations Become 10x Easier Thanks to New Finger ID

Half the battle for blood donations — and way more than half the time — traditionally goes to the paperwork that’s required to make sure donated blood is correctly identified.

Now Huntsville-based Avion Solutions Inc. has partnered with Hitachi Ltd. to develop a highly accurate ID system based on the unique pattern of veins in a donor’s finger.

The new system is built on the ID methods Avion created for tracking inmates, but can now be applied to an entirely new field.

In a prepared statement, Avion and Hitachi say they hope the new system — which they describe as 99.9 percent accurate — will create a shorter and easier donation process that will, in turn, “encourage citizen to become habitual donors, increase the number of donations per year, and save more lives.”

Text by Nedra Bloom

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