Dotdash Meredith will license content to ChatGPT

Partnership will also include new products

Dotdash Meredith, the New York-based publisher with major operations in Birmingham, is partnering with the parent company of ChatGPT to license content and more.

Under the agreement with OpenAI, ChatGPT will include content from Dotdash Meredith’s publications, including People, Better Homes & Gardens, Food & Wine and Southern Living. OpenAI will display content and links attributed to Dotdash Meredith in ChatGPT responses.

“We have not been shy about the fact that AI platforms should pay publishers for their content and that content must be appropriately attributed,” said Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash Meredith. “This deal is a testament to the great work OpenAI is doing on both fronts to partner with creators and publishers and ensure a healthy Internet for the future.”

In addition to licensing content, OpenAI will work with Dotdash Meredith to create new AI products and features for readers and will help grow Dotdash Meredith’s D/Cipher ad-targeting product.

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