Division 12 Consulting expands with acquisition

Birmingham company acquires Margaret D. Jones Interiors LLC

Margaret Jones and Chris Washington of Division 12 Consulting. Photo by Becca Bell.

Division 12 Consulting, a minority-owned furnishings company in Birmingham, has acquired Margaret D. Jones Interiors LLC, a minority, female-owned interior design firm in Birmingham.

“The synergistic value of D12 and MJI cannot be denied. Having the collaboration of our team combined with the wisdom and expertise of MJI’s founder and president, Margaret Jones, will yield a return far greater than the efforts of both companies individually,” said Chris Washington, president of Division 12.

The acquisition will strengthen D12’s presence in interior design, specifically space design and finish selections. Jones will serve as executive sales representative and senior designer, providing service to clients within commercial, institutional and boutique hospitality spaces across the U.S.

“We understand that we are not selling tangibles; we are selling service and a distinctive style that comes from an aggressive team of innovative professionals,” said Jones.

With the acquisition, the company expects to surpass its current revenue projections of $20 million in sales for 2022.

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Division 12 has more than 15 years of experience in construction and space management solutions, providing services to K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare, corporate and government facilities across the nation. Division 12 currently does work in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, D.C. Margaret D. Jones Interiors was established in 1990, working with many of the state’s educational institutions.

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