Coach Charming Takes on TLC

We told you he was a star in Business Alabama’s February issue and the TLC network has proven us right. Andalusia attorney and beauty pageant coach Bill Alverson now offers up his superbly pointed wit and wisdom on “Coach Charming, ” a new eight-episode series on TLC.

The show had its debut Nov. 4 and takes its place alongside several cable shows that haven’t always shown the South in its best light. But Bill Alverson is no Honey Boo Boo.

Life should be approached as a pageant because that’s what it is, Alverson counsels, and he’s the guy who can give you the mental game needed to beat out your fellow contestants. “The last four Miss Americas were girls I knew personally. Worked with, developed and coached. They won. But there is a common denominator, and that would be me, ” Alverson says in the first episode.

As with all successful reality shows, he’s surrounded by a cast of intriguing characters. The divorced father of three interacts regularly on the show with his son William, who is also his law partner in Andalusia, his daughter-in-law Helen Anne, middle child Blanche (a homecoming queen) and youngest child Stella, who’s just 15.

The most entertaining part of the show may be Alverson’s facial expressions, which can change from serene to tortured in a nanosecond, particularly when a client displeases him. Tune in on Wednesday nights at 9 Central Time and check him out. 

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Text by Dave Helms

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