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Coosa mining tests show positive results

South Star Battery Metals expects to mine graphite at the Alabama site in Coosa County, where its pilot test holes show a "100% hit rate."

South Star to begin Coosa drilling

South Star Battery Metals expects to move drilling rigs into place for its maiden graphite drilling in Coosa County.

South Star plans to start Alabama graphite drilling test this month

British Columbia firm hopes to tap Alabama graphite deposits for rapidly expanding electric vehicle battery market.

Ground broken at Heritage Landing in Walker County

The revitalization project, comprised of 50 acres, is adjacent to I-22 and just 15 minutes from downtown Birmingham.

Retrospect: Selling Alabama stone

The Moretti-Harrah Marble Company's championing of Sylacauga marble. Pictured is the interior of the U.S. Supreme Court building.

Westwater breaks ground on $202M Coosa graphite plant

The Alabama Graphite plant, in Kellyton, will produce key elements that are crucial for all-things battery operated.

Amazon union vote looks close; Warrior Met strike enters second year

At Amazon, no’s lead the way, but ballots still need to be evaluated. At Warrior Met, workers are still on strike over contract disputes.

Graphite plant moving at electric vehicle speed

Bolstered by skyrocketing demand for batteries, Alabama Graphite Products prepares to break ground in Coosa County.

Leadership change at graphite company

Chad Potter taking lead spot at Westwater Resources, which plans a graphite processing plant in Coosa County.

State grants $1 million toward Coosa graphite plant

Funds will be used for infrastructure for construction of a graphite processing plant in Kellyton Industrial Park.

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