BL Harbert constructs MQ-9 Mission Control

An MQ-9 Reaper is a remotely piloted aircraft that can be used for intelligence gathering operations or against dynamic execution targets. It also can be used in support of other operations such as humanitarian/disaster assistance, border surveillance or counter-narcotics operations.

B.L. Harbert International LLC has been awarded a $46,487,791 contract for the construction of the MQ-9 Mission Control Element Group facilities at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.

The MQ-9 is a remotely piloted aircraft system used by the military on intelligence collection missions and against dynamic execution targets. These medium altitude, long-endurance remotely piloted aircraft are often operated with remote split operations, where the launch and recovery ground control station for take-off and landings is at a forward operating location, but once the MQ-9 is airborne, it is controlled by a mission control station in the United States.

The contract awarded to B.L. Harbert provides for the construction of a headquarters and operations building, housing a multitude of various MQ-9 missions. The complex will be focused around an exterior courtyard that promotes interaction among squadron personnel while allowing for a shared entry access point from the parking areas. The facilities design will utilize the roof lines to create an integrated complex.

The contract also has 11 unexercised options, which if awarded would increase the contract value to $55,395,736. Those options include landscape architecture enhancement, data center cabinets and racks at the operation building, an electronic security system at the operations building, furniture, fixtures and equipment at both buildings, as well as a roadway and roundabout.

The current construction of the two buildings is expected to be complete by December 2022 in Sumter, South Carolina.

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