BA—“It’s All Here”

Business Alabama, now in it’s 26th year of publication, introduces this month a new design for the cover, including a new flag and banner on the cover.

“Our rebranding of the banner is part of an overall redesign that has been evolving over the last several months, ” says Business Alabama magazine’s publisher T. J. Potts. “It reflects a continuing effort to make the magazine as fresh in its look as it is distinctive in its readership and mission. We continue to deliver the only statewide coverage of business news in Alabama. If you want business news, it’s all here. If you want it to be focused on Alabama, that’s us too. All business. All Alabama.”

The new look, says Potts, also extends to the interior of the magazine, with renewed emphasis on individuals and their personal stories. “Even more than business and more than Alabama, we’re first and foremost about people. That’s why our artists have framed a cover that spotlights individual faces and the personal stories they tell.”

Leading the redesign of the magazine, including the new cover look delivered this month, is Marie Katz, who joined Business Alabama as art director in January. 

By Nedra Bloom

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