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ZYP Bike Share Rolls Out Transportation for Birmingham

There’s a new kid rolling into Birmingham — on two wheels, a fluorescent green body and promises of no traffic snarls, cleaner air and...

Birmingham Building Boom

The magic is back. Birmingham is booming — uptown, midtown, downtown. New buildings are going up. Old buildings are being restored. A new energy,...

Woodlawn Community: Birmingham’s Woodlawn Regenerates Itself

Tony Bayles, owner and chef of Bayles Catering in Birmingham’s Woodlawn community, gets to work early each morning — real early — usually around...

Belle Adds Childcare to the Grocery Sack

If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping with a tired two-year-old, then you’ll probably understand why a family-owned newcomer to the grocery industry in Alabama...

Premium Care

An aged medical bag, that duffle shaped style that doctors used to carry on house calls, sits proudly on display in...

Supply Sizzle

Armed with $2, 000, an Oldsmobile, a brand new diploma from Auburn University, and a big dream to be his...

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