Alabama Launchpad names 11 finalists for Cycle 2 2021

Vulcan Line Tools (founder Zac Young is pictured) won the concept stage award during the last Alabama Launchpad competition.

Alabama Launchpad, which has provided 102 startups with $5.6 million in funding over its 15-year history, has named 11 finalists for its Cycle 2 2021 competition.

The finalists are in two stages of competition — those in the concept stage, who are usually pre-revenue, and those in the early seed stage, looking to accelerate their growth.

The concept stage finalists competing for $25,000 are:

  • Cheers, a food delivery service accessible by text message, bringing you the most convenient, affordable meals from local restaurants to your home and office.
  • Etrak Technologies, an IoT company with wearable technology and supporting applications that collect and analyze a user’s movement, helping to predict and reduce overuse injuries.
  • NanoXort, an Auburn-based startup that creates safe and multifunctional contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that will enhance diagnostic accuracy and provide patients with safer, more effective treatments.
  • ProU Sports, a digital sports ecosystem built specifically for college fans to keep up with their favorite former athletes now in the pros.
  • Solved!, a Madison-based company that uses proprietary mathematical software to develop algorithms that greatly reduce calculation times involving large datasets.
  • The Help Project, a concept for a community hub designed as a safe space for creatives, parents, professionals and businesses to work, live, create and collaborate.

The companies in the early seed stage, who will be competing for $50,000, are:

  • Feast B’ham, an online platform helping local restaurants utilize catering to increase sales, create jobs and reach more customers.
  • Field Culture Compost, a former Alabama Launchpad concept stage winner that uses organic wastes bound for landfills to produce compost that is sold to farmers, landscapers and home gardeners.
  • Sandler Scientific, a Montgomery-based medical company with an innovative and effective nasal rinse that offers a better customer experience.
  • The Wealth Edit, a digital ecosystem focused on financial literacy for women through live classes, a library of courses, office hours and community discussions.
  • Xcellent Life, an AI-powered mobile app that improves wellness by analyzing information captured from wearables and other sources to provide real-time insights into a person’s health.

The final competitions will take place Aug. 18 and 19. For more information on this Launchpad competition and others, go to

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