Alabama Keeps Seven House Seats

Census data unveiled this afternoon.

Officials from the U.S. Census Bureau unveiled first population numbers from the 2020 census today, showing that the nation as a whole has 331,449,281 people, up 7.4% from 10 years ago — which represents the second slowest rate of growth in U.S. history.

Alabama’s new population number is 5,030,053, up from 4,779,736 in 2010. Alabama’s most recent previous total population estimate was 4,903,185.

The nation’s biggest population growth came in the South, where population was up 10.9%, while the west grew 9.2 %, the Northeast 4.1% and the Midwest 3.1%.

Seven seats in the House of Representatives were readjusted among 13 states, but Alabama maintained its current share with seven House of Representatives seats. State officials had worried that the state might lose a seat. Population numbers also affect issues including federal funding and assistance from nonprofit organizations.

Detailed numbers to help states with redistricting plans were be issued Aug. 16.

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Acting Census Bureau Director Ron Jarmin notes that when the seats were first apportioned, each House member represented 34,000 people. Now each one represents 761,169 people.

Other statistics of note from the Census Bureau announcement:

  • California has the biggest state population.
  • Wyoming has the smallest.
  • Utah is growing fastest.
  • West Virginia is shrinking fastest.

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