ACCS opens Innovation Center in Decatur

Facility will house the Skills for Success program and more

The Alabama Community College System opened its Innovation Center headquarters in Decatur Wednesday.

The facility will house the Skills for Success training program. The Skills for Success courses are located across the state at various community colleges, with more than 20 courses in different phases of development and more to be released later this year.

“We have continuous dialogue with business and industry leaders to see what the most pressing needs are and how we can become part of the solution,” said Julie Frizzell, executive director of the Innovation Center. “We have ACCS Innovation Center staff located in each region to support our community colleges, so while training takes place across the state, it’s important to have a physical building like this one in a historic and special location like downtown Decatur.”

The headquarters building is a two-story facility that underwent a $3.3 million renovation conducted by Goodwyn Mills Cawood and Green Building Contractors. It is located on the same street as the Cook Museum of Natural Science and within walking distance of the Alabama Center for Fine Arts, which is a partnership between Calhoun Community College, Athens State University and the city of Decatur.  

Participants who complete Skills for Success training earn the ACCS Credential, which signals to businesses that the individual has mastered the skills taught in the program and is immediately ready for employment. The credential can also be the foundation for additional classes and training at Alabama’s community colleges.

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“The Alabama Community College System offers life-long learning opportunities, and Skills for Success training is one of the latest components to help Alabamians reach those career goals,” said Jimmy Baker, chancellor of the Alabama Community College System.

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