Turning Banking into Thanking

Bryant Bankers put care into action across Alabama during the holiday season and turned banking into thanking.

The joy of the holiday season always comes with such excitement. Holiday gatherings are enjoyed with dear friends and we take delight in our family traditions with a glaze of nostalgia and love of memories shared. There’s also a contagious spirit of giving as we lend a hand for those in need.

During this holiday season, Bryant Bankers wanted to put care into action. The word “care” is something their team intentionally focused on in 2019 and it was important that they completed the year with something that embodied that. So, they gave the gift of giving and caring and Turned Banking into Thanking.

Bobby Humphrey, Bryant Bank’s vice president of business development, set the tone as he shared an inspirational message with teens at the Tuscaloosa Juvenile Detention Center.

“We all have something that we can give. That’s what this season is all about. Giving.  And never lose hope of that.”

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What’s unique about this effort is that Bryant Bankers collaborate together to identify nonprofits or individuals in their own community they wish to give back to. Once the nonprofits are selected, Bryant Bank facilitates special activities, presents surprise donations, and volunteers through different acts of service.

While at the Tuscaloosa Juvenile Detention Center, the Bank provided an uplifting day for teenagers that are going through a difficult stage of life and trying to shape a better future.  They catered lunch in and spent time interacting with the teens. Bobby Humphrey shared an uplifting Christ-based message that centered around everyone’s life being special and everyone’s life having value. “You can travel all across the world and you will never find another person that’s just like you. You’re special just because you’re you,” he said.

Bryant Bankers surprised the teens and the Juvenile Detention Center staff with six new 50’’ TVs as well. Executive Director Cathy Wood shared that these TVs were very needed for the facility, but that it is also an earned privilege to watch television during the day.

For Tuscaloosa’s One Place, the Bank was assigned two families with a total of eight children.  Bankers shopped on a Saturday and hosted the families for a Family Night at their Downtown Tuscaloosa Community Room. The families enjoyed a nice dinner as the kids opened many gifts, decorated cookies, built ornaments, and more. A surprise visit from Santa took place where he delivered new bicycles for each child.

The Mobile team spent time shopping for a family in support of the Penelope House.  The bankers enjoyed the time together and followed it with a delivery of the gifts and a donation to the organization.

The Tuscaloosa team also purchased a large order of canned goods for the Community Soup Bowl and ended the week by spending quality time with five of the Bank’s elderly customers. These customers enjoyed gift baskets, lunches, and trips to the grocery store.

As the big Bryant Bank check traveled around the state, organizations that received financial contributions included: The Community Soup Bowl (Tuscaloosa), Community Food Bank of Central Alabama (Birmingham), Feeding the Gulf Coast (Mobile), Penelope House (Mobile), Christian Service Center (Gulf Shores), The Exceptional Foundation Gulf Coast (Daphne), Free 2 Teach (Huntsville), Christmas Charities Year-Round (Huntsville), Greater Huntsville Humane Society (Huntsville), and Manna House (Huntsville).

Bankers put care into action by volunteering at the following nonprofits: Community Food Bank of Central Alabama (Birmingham), Feeding the Gulf Coast (Mobile), Prodisee Pantry (Foley), and Manna House (Huntsville).

In total, Bryant Bank made a difference for 14 organizations in 14 days.  Thousands of Alabamians were impacted because of their financial contributions or through the acts of service and kindness. Additionally, 15 individuals were helped personally through the purchase of gifts, clothes, or time shared.

Bryant Bank does not take the opportunity to support their communities for granted.  The ability to give the gift of giving and caring this holiday season is largely because of their loyal Alabama customers.

“It takes all of us putting care into action to help Alabamians invest in their full potential, and when we do, our communities thrive,” said Claude Edwards, bank president.

To enjoy the full Turning Banking into Thanking video, visit BryantBank.com.

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