Top Headlines: Storm shelter was planned for Lee County, Huntsville tops list for high-tech jobs

Too late: Leaders planned shelter before killer twister hit
Leaders in rural Lee County began working on a community storm shelter months ago, selecting a potential site and meeting to consider how many people might need protection. Plans were still coming along when a giant tornado descended, leaving nearly two dozen bodies inside splintered homes and scattered across Beauregard’s fields and country roads. – Montgomery Advertiser

Political analyst predicts end to legislative logjam
The issues getting most of the most talk in Montgomery are a gas tax, lottery, prisons, and a pay raise for state employees. In this week’s Leadership Perspectives interview, we talked with WHNT News 19 political analyst Jess Brown. He answers questions about the gas tax and why he says this year may be the turning point for the lottery. “I’ll be in shock if when September comes of this year we’re not paying an additional six cents in state gasoline tax,” Brown says. – WHNT

Alabama city 3rd best in country for high-tech jobs
An analysis by 24/7 Wall Street has found Huntsville was one of the best places in the country for the number of high tech jobs. The rankings were determined by examining Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics to find the cities with the highest percentage of total jobs that are classified as STEM-intensive – science, technology, engineering and math. –

Get ready to buy beer at your local Family Dollar store
Family Dollar will close almost 400 stores this year while renovating 1,000 other locations to accommodate selling alcohol, the company announced Wednesday. Family Dollar is operated by Dollar Tree. About 200 Family Dollar locations will be rebranded as Dollar Trees. –

BMW is biggest U.S. automotive exporter by value for fifth year
Germany’s automaker BMW AG said on Friday it was the biggest U.S. automotive exporter by value for the fifth consecutive year, with exports totaling over $8.4 billion in 2018. The company said it exported 234,689 units of its X model sport utility vehicles and coupes from its Spartanburg, South Carolina, plant during 2018. – Reuters

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