Top Headlines: Republicans urge Trump to back off on auto tariffs, Mobile prepares for air traffic shift

Even Republicans telling Trump to back off on auto tariffs
Republicans are trying to head off their next potentially explosive conflict with President Donald Trump. In a series of private meetings and conversations with Trump over the past few months, Senate Republicans have pleaded with him not to impose a new round of tariffs on foreign automakers — fearing they could debilitate Trump-backed states and lead to recession ahead of the 2020 election. – Politico

Mobile prepares for major air traffic shift to downtown
Rare is it for a city to pick up and move its entire commercial airport operation from one place to another. But that’s the plan in Mobile, and Elliot Maisel is confident that the flying public is aware of it. What startles many, he said, is that the first commercial flights will be departing the rapidly retooling Downtown Mobile Airport at the Brookley Aeroplex in a mere 35 days. –

Jones warns Alabama-supported suit could devastate health care
Sen. Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) on Thursday blasted the Justice Department’s new position on a lawsuit that threatens to throw out the Affordable Care Act. In a one-paragraph court filing this week, the Justice Department indicated that it agrees with a group of states – including Alabama – arguing that the entire law should be invalidated because of a tax change that eliminated the penalty for not having insurance. – Fox10

Continental Motors becomes Continental Aerospace Technologies
Alabama engine manufacturer Continental Motors has been re-branded as Continental Aerospace Technologies, the company said Thursday. Continental manufacturers a wide range of avgas-fueled engines, Jet-A and diesel fuel, engines for experimental aircraft and a range of accessories such as ignition systems, alternators and turbo-chargers. – Australian Flying

Trucking company owner Wiley Sanders Jr. dies at 78
Pike County businessman Wiley Sanders, Jr, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 78 years old. Sanders is known nationally for his Sanders Trucking company. It operates in 48 states, as well as Mexico and Canada. Sanders also owned a lead business and co-owned KW Plastics Recycling Center, one of the major recycling plants in the United States. It also has plants in California. – ANN

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Mike Hubbard, still not in jail, wants his conviction tossed
Attorneys for former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard have asked the state Supreme Court to toss out his 2016 conviction on ethics charges, arguing prosecutors stretched the intent of the law when they charged him with using his office to benefit his businesses. Hubbard’s defense team this week filed their opening brief after the Alabama Supreme Court this month agreed to review the case. – AP

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